Rush Consulting Firm
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                                     Do you ever have that feeling that you deserve better?
                                                                It’s because you DO!

Rush Consulting Firm stands firm on our motto “Positively affirming what your gut believed all along”.

Whether you are looking to land yourself in the career of your dreams or start the company you never thought you could Rush Consulting Firm is here to help.

We assist you with job placement after carefully reviewing your resume. And even assist with the training you need!

Starting a business has never been easier! Once you sit down and talk with our Consultants about what type of business you wish to start you will leave the consultation feeling renewed and energized with confidence that Rush Consulting Firm will put you on the fast track to your achieving your goals. If you are not sure what it is or where it is you need to be heading, our Success Coach will help you along the way.

                                                                          How it works:
You meet with a consultant, together you out line what it is you wish to do and we take it from there. Choose one of our many packages for starting a business, YOUR BUSINESS, and we do all the startup work for you! 

Once we are done, the business is yours solely to operate and we are here to give you support along the way! It’s that simple!

                         What Are You Waiting For? The only thing stopping you is YOU!

Find out what makes you happy and go for it, non-stop, without hesitation or distraction.
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