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    Rush Consulting firm is a multifaceted family owned company that offers an array of business services to get you where you know you need to be. Founded in 2009, Rush Consulting Firm has helped hundreds of people create or redo their resumes landing them on the career path of their dreams. Rush Consulting Firm has also assisted in creating or renewing Start-Up companies by researching the essential steps needed to have a prosperous business. We have consultants on standby to come in and assess the areas of your company that can use a professional facelift to have your company soar to higher heights!    

     Rush Consulting can also create your business plan and be that all important support system.
Rush Consulting Firm prides itself on helping those less fortunate than others. We have consultants that assist displaced and/or homeless individuals and families get back on the right track with pride giving them financial education to stay on the right track.

    Rush Consulting firm also has Staffing services available nationwide for those who need a little boost in their job search or assistance with job placement. So whether you need help getting on track or staying on track, Rush Consulting Firm is here for you.

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I Corinthians 10:24
Let No Man Seek His Own, But Every Man Another’s Wealth.
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