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Positively affirming what your gut believed all along.
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You never believed you were made to struggle

You always knew you were not meant to live check-to-check or drag yourself miserably out of bed every single day to go to a job you never really cared for, yet here you are staring yourself in the mirror wondering what happened to that energetic you that would march to the beat of your own drum, ready to conquer the planet with your smile, dedication and tenacity. Now you are almost in tears as you glance over at the table piled with bills and final notices from various debt collectors. Here you are, stuck in traffic forced to fester in the anger that boils over at the mere thought of dealing with your everyday, uneventful workplace.

Remember when you wanted to start your own company? Oh man, it was great; you were going to change the world. People would know you everywhere you went; you should be a retired millionaire by now sitting on the beach sipping a Mojito RIGHT NOW!

What happened? How did you get here? Why did you stay here? Is it just a dream to think that I deserve the life I always wanted to live? 

Nope. It doesn't have to be a dream and Rush Consulting Firm will teach you how to achieve it!!

Thomas will analyze every aspect of your company (minus finances unless requested) and restructure your business layout to better suite your goals and purpose. Thomas has a keen eye for precision and suiting the right services (or lack thereof) to help your company rise and exceed your expectations. He is always on thee go FOR you and WITH you. Thomas enjoys what he does so much that you will oftentimes find him taking work home with him. His calm and personable demeanor makes him not only qualified but well requested.

Thomas Rush, Analytical Consultant
Maisha Rush, Lead Consultant
Maisha holds a B.S. from Peirce College in Pre-Law Academics. She has been the lead consultant since the start of Rush Consulting Firm. She is an Author and a well-known Blogger as well as Motivational Speaker. Dedicated to being the best in her field, Maisha seems to put in more hours than there are in a day. Her over zealousness has taken Maisha to the top in not only the consulting field but in her writing field as well. Her passion and devotion make her one of our most sought out Consultants. 

Donte' Crews, Research Analyst 
Our newest addition to Rush Consulting Firm, Donte has already proven himself to be an irreplaceable asset to the company. Donte can research anything needed and wanted to make you and your company shine. He is diligent in his work and works hard to be sure each task is complete with satisfaction before moving on to the next task at hand. Any and all research goes through him and his meticulousness will assist in keeping you error free.
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