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Consultation Opportunities.

FREE 15 minute consultation with the purchase of Get Started ebook
    We will help you pinpoint your best business opportunity and give you tools/knowledge you need to get started.

1. $250 (45 minute) Startup
  -Assist you in formulating a strategic outline to start your business
There is a plethora of strategy information and resources packed in this    consultation.

2. $350
  -Non Profit Consultation. We will see what case specific steps you need to take and supply you with that documentation, tools, and resources for how to get you established and registered.

2. $497 Established
  2 Hour consultation (broken down into 4 30-minute increments) 
 - Assist you in pinpointing your 'problem areas' of your business
 -Give you the tools and resources to properly market and brand your business.
 -Assist in creating a the right content for business exposure that equal sales.
 -Properly set goals for your business growth.
 -Assist you in strategically creating streams of income within your brand.

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Coaching Opportunities

            $2497 a Month
(1x a week consult + 3x week check-in)
Effectively  and aggressively tackle your collaborative Strategy plan that we formulate to get your business up, running, and profitable!

                                  SAVE MORE !!!
                                        $14997 Annual coaching package

Host A workshop with Rush 
Consulting Firm.

1. $497 Business Building Workshop (10 people minimum)
  Comprehensive and cohesive 1-hour session that teaches you the what and how of your business building infrastructure. Hands-on coaching training and consulting.

2. $597 Non-Profit Workshop (10 people minimum)
  Step by step how-to on adequately configuring and establishing your 501c(3)

3. $199 Grants Workshop (10 people minimum)
  Grant writing, identification, and allocation of relevant and available grants for your non-profit. We will give you the tools and resources you need to properly write business grants/proposals to assist you with getting the funding your business needs.

One-On-One workshops

4. $69 Goal Setting Workshop
We will strategically set goals for your business and outline the direct path to accomplishing them.

5. $99 Branding Workshop
We go through your business and assist you with setting up the right social media outlets as well as go over other ways you can better brand your business on a modest budget.

6. $97 Business Finance Crash Course 
We know that whats more important than starting a business is learning how this equates to financial increase for you AND your business. We will give you the tool and strategies you need to properly set your business up to be a financial funnel, when/where to invest in your business and ways to maximize your value on a minimal budget.

Contact us for invoice and availability.
But, I need money, Right?
​This extensive eBook gives you over 25 proven ways to start your business with NO MONEY out of pocket.
Get Started 
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Sponsors Investors and Partners
This eBook teaches you which entity is right for you and how to get their attention when its time to expand your business on a budget
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​Breakthrough Business Planner 
90 day itemized jump start section to better structure your business and stay organized and help get and keep your business fueling.

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Don't know where to start.
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