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  Rush Consulting Firm

Rush Consulting Firm exists to focus on your business fluctuations in order to bring consistency to your cash flow and bottom-line profits. We monitor and assist in adjusting the day-to-day operations that are costing you money, create systematic operations that will increase revenue; while maintaining positive customer service outcomes and employee satisfaction rates, as well as obtaining marketable visibility for the expansion of profits

Stabilize. Strategize. Monetize.

Rush Consulting Firm is a management consulting firm that assists in business strategy and management, consumer insight, people and organization, as well as customer strategy. These are key components to stabilizing your business in order to scale. 

Founded in 2016 by Maisha Rush who has a legal and business education from Pierce College of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We offer professional services within the United States for corporations, government, and non-profit companies. Our focus is on the growth and consistency of business in order to become the best in your field.

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