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  Rush Consulting Firm

Rush Consulting Firm exists to focus on your business fluctuations in order to bring consistency to your cash flow and bottom-line profits. We monitor and assist in adjusting the day-to-day operations that are costing you money, create systematic operations that will increase revenue; while maintaining positive customer service outcomes and employee satisfaction rates, as well as obtaining marketable visibility for the expansion of profits

You Deserve ALL The Things!

Rush Consulting Firm helps create stability for those who feel overwhelmed and on the brink of quitting their goals of BECOMING. We all have goals and aspirations yet sometimes lack the vision and execution that leads to successful balance in life.

As a wife, homeschooling mother of 12 and CEO of Rush Consulting Firm, Maisha Rush has consistently and successfully exhibited that you can live the life you desire without overwhelm or guilt.

So, whether you're starting a business, working someone else's business, or trying to affectively mind your own, we can help you.

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Business Consultation


Stabilize. Strategize. Monetize.

We LOVE helping entrepreneurs embrace their creative side and dive into their goal of being a business owner. We understand that adding an additional task to your daily agenda can seem overwhelming so we create a system with you that will allow you to accomplish your goals and still be present for yourself.



Expert Guidance

As a mother of 12 children I understand the need to be there and still show up for yourself, significant other, friends, family, and everyday people who need you. But I have learned and believe that you deserve all the things you want the way you want them now and our coaching helps with the mindset and structure it takes to get you there.

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