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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Business Consulting focuses on your business needs in the way that will create stability, growth, and increased revenue. Consulting helps create a step by step process to put and keep your business on the right track to success.

Business Coaching focuses on you as the company owner. Coaching will increase your confidence in yourself and your brand, keeping you in alignment so that the decisions you make are the best for you, and keeping you enlightened, encouraged, and empowered to be audacious in your business.

Why Do I need a Business Coach?

  • Help you gain clarity in your brand

  • Allows you to gain success at your pace

  • Helps you stay in alignment

  • Creates a safe space for you to vent your most pressing business problems

  • Ability to create a resolve

  • Boosts your self confidence

  • Have a cheerleader in your corner

  • Helps you realize your strength and overcome your weaknesses

  • The ability to be seen and heard

  • Stabilize self and business growth

  • Connect with someone who can relate to you

  • Visibly scale your business with the support you want and need.


Why work with

As a mother of #10KidsAndCounting Maisha Rush understands the obstacles of successfully serving home and Business. It is her mission to help you realize your goals and tap-in.


Juggling personal and business life can be overwhelming and that's why it's important to not only know what you want and where you're going but also how to get there and continue to grow. 


Rush Consulting Firm was created in 2016 because Maisha knew that there was a need to help Mother entrepreneurs know that their vision mattered and is possible to obtain.


Consulting is necessary to establish and grow your business.

Coaching is necessary to keep you focused and motivated to do it. 


You need both. Get them from someone who is educated and trained to help you accomplish your dreams and understands the importance of getting you there. 

How do I know that Rush Consulting Firm is the right firm for me and my company?

We offer a free consultation to discuss what your most pressing issues in business are as well as your goals. We detail what we can offer as a resolve and you decide if we are a good fit. Rush Consulting Firm offers a Money back guarantee so if you follow the outline created through our services and still see no difference in your brand, you get your money back. 

We would like to mention that we have never had to issue any client's money back, ever.

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