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As an entrepreneur, things can get hectic real quick.

It is important for you to remain focused on why you want it so badly in the first place. I know, for me, as a mother, wife, and business owner it is often a challenge to juggle it all. One task can easily run into the other and the next thing you know you didn't get anything completed but you got plenty things started. You have to remind yourself that it is okay and allow yourself to get it wrong sometimes. It is part of the process.

In business, just as well as in life, you need to set up goals but more importantly, your goals must be intentional.

Intentionally setting your goals is not some candy or Christmas list full of "ooh, I want" but instead it is a strategic list of your desired accomplishments even if, to some, they seem outlandish. Remember, flying a ton of metal through the air was once outlandish too but now it is the quickest way to get from one side of the country to the other.

Rush Consulting Firm offers a Goal Setting Consultation that will walk you through what your goals are and how to obtain them at the time you want them to be outlined.

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