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3 Easy Strategies to Increase Your Sales.

Today I went to three different stores of a major retail chain to purchase a laptop. I asked multiple sales clerks if they could help me find a laptop?. The first thing each one said before I could tell the them what I was looking for specifically in a laptop was “the cheapest one is *insert price here*. Notice how I didn’t ask how much the laptop cost? What that sales clerk just did and what many people who are in the sales industry do is assume they know more about what the customer wants than the customer. This is a dangerous way of thinking in the retail industry. It will almost always end with money being left on the table. Say I was coming into the store to purchase the most expensive top of the line laptop. By jumping to conclusions the sales clerk doesn’t get the opportunity to find out, because he has already decided how much I was willing to spend. Without any context as a customer I may say you know what, a laptop is a laptop. Instead of me spending $1,000 plus today I’m going to spend $100 cause Joe the sales clerk says it’s the cheapest. I’m not great at math, but Joe just lost you $900 plus tax. This scenario is 100% preventable. There are many strategies that can keep your business from making these blunders and losing you money. These are 3 Easy Strategies to increase your sales; Secret Shoppers Having Sales Goals Effective Sales Coaching If you are not implementing some type of safeguard such as this you are leaving money on the table. The associates at Rush Consulting Firm work hard to identify and target strategies that are effective at decreasing losses and increasing business gains. If you are interested in learning how to NOT be Joe the Sales clerk book a consultation today. We can come up with a target strategy for your business so that you aren’t leaving any money on the table.

Eulisa Thomas


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