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I remember a few years back when McRush and I took the children to the eye doctor. One of us would stay in the play area and the other would go back with the child called. I was in the play area and the RushBunch were having a blast playing and reading.

I had just given birth to Sir Ian at the time and we were still raising my niece an nephew so were already at #10KidsAndCounting .

Charles, who was 2 at the time, asked me to tie his shoe. I was already occupied feeding the baby. But, I looked around and didn't want to stop the children. So, I propped the baby bottle under my chin which gave me one free hand, I was holding the baby with the other.

I attempted to tie his shoe with one hand. 🤦🏾

I wiggled the strings around, tucked, knotted, started over, got one side looped but dropped the string on the other side. Bottle slipped so I had to readjust it. Ian whined because I was holding him awkwardly. Charles was getting restless and tired of my antics. But I tied that Damn shoe! WITH ONE HAND! 😜

It took me 15 minutes. Sir Ian was grouchy. Charles was irritable and he missed out on play time because it was time to go when I finished. 😔

I said all that to say, you are more than capable of doing it on your own but why juggle and struggle? You lose sight of what you were focused on to try to do something else. You are not giving your full ability, time, or attention to one thing. Instead you struggle with everything and you are wasting your own time.

Get help. I'm help. Nice to meet you. 😊

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