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A lessoned memory

(First of all, yes, I made up that word ๐Ÿ˜œ)

This popped up on my timeline on Facebook from 2 years ago. I thought it was important to share for your knowledge and my remembrance. Enjoy.

Stop breaking everything. Today, I set out to reconfigure something I created that was perfectly fine. It was already set up and the process was working very well. But I took this thing and mentally tore it apart to see if I could make it "better" (that's what I told myself). And then it hit me. I self sabotage. I can take a well oiled machine and swear it needs water. But why? As I thought over some moments passed, I realized I have done this almost all my life. Its a horrible thing to do to myself. In fact, I have never ever sabotaged anyone else I know.... just myself. It was in this mornings moment I realized, for whatever reason, I am sometimes afraid to be great. What if people think I am stuck up? What if people see me as if I think I am better than them. Smh. What an epiphany. #OutTheBox Affirmation There is nothing wrong with being great. Day5 iRush

I have come a long way in the business with realizations, lessons learned, epiphanies, and self accountability. You don't become a million dollar brand without it.

Book your business coaching sessions today and make memories you'll too look back on and appreciate the growth.

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