Are you hoarding Fear?

Fear is such a natural feeling but simultaneously unnatural, AND unnecessary. We all experience a level of fear at some point in our lives. The funny thing about fear is, it isn't even real. Its something we managed to conjure up coupled with negative thoughts of "what if". But what if we could retrain our minds to switch the negative what ifs to positive ones. We have this inherited habit of thinking of the worst outcomes of a new situation almost instantly. Why do you believe you do that to yourself. How do you feel it impacts your life. I guarantee that if you asked yourself those two questions they will ultimately force you to think more positively of new adventures in your life. You will find yourself taking more chances, experiencing greater life achievements. The mind is powerful. So powerful in fact that we must take control of it, else we lose so much time in life worrying and stressing over things that we really made up to keep us from being our greatest selves. When you consider your business you must retrain your mind to think of the positive outcomes therein. Its the only way you will prosper and have the business growth you not only desire, but deserve. -Rush


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