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Bold in Business

There are many great ideas that we have in building our businesses. We may write them down or share them with a close friend. You know when it gets hard? Implementation.

I know for me, when I was in my beginner building stages, I had so many things that I just knew would grow my firm. We were going to stand out! I could envision them and even feel the results of them. But here's the thing, I would chicken out! Every time. 

I would talk myself out of walking into the businesses I passed so often and even included a nice pitch for. Why? Fear. What if they said no? What if they laughed? What if its not professional? 

These are real fears. And they hold us back. So much so that we find ourselves discouraged to the point of giving up?

Don't give up. 

See, the thing is; so what if they say no, so what if they laugh, so what if its not professional to them. Then they are not the collaboration for you.. 

Be bold in your business. Take risks. Dare to be the best by doing what others will not. 


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