Build. Brand. Expand.

When you start a business we usually have a vision of growing that business; whether for right now prosperity or for generational wealth.

While I will unequivocally be the first one to tell you to move slow for proper preparation, I will also be your biggest cheerleader and inspire you to progress forward.

The biggest part of expanding your business is expanding your mind. Don't just look at what your company can be in 10 years, but how you get there. Not just in the planning process but consider, also, "what can we offer" to reach a broader audience.

Consider adding products, if you already have products, consider adding services. In addition, consider keepsakes like keychains, t-shirts, and other memorabilia, especially if you do events.

Don't forget about blogging. Blogging can be a way to introduce teasers into your company by sharing a little knowledge of what you can do.

Business must be like a tree. Don't just grow up, grow outward as well but always be sure your roots are planted.



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