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Sing it with me. 

"You got me going in circles. Oh oh oh round and round I go"

Does your business have you feeling dizzy and unaccomplished? Well, let me give you some words of wisdom that has helped me, a homeschooling mother of ten and successful business owner. 

For starters, stop overwhelming yourself. I know you probably hate clichés so instead of saying Rome wasn't built in a day, I will tell you, your business will not be built in a day and more than likely you will not become an overnight sensation.  Yes, it does take hard work and dedication however don't exhaust yourself on the strength of urgency. 

You should max out at completing five things off your to do list. Generally, you should make a list of what you have to do by category and try to do two things off that list, one big and one small. 

It is very important to celebrate the process of building your business. In that I mean, no matter what you do towards the building of your business, its steps towards progression and growth.

Let me be the second to tell you (you should be the first), you are doing a phenomenal job! Keep up the great work and I will see you at the top!


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