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Connecting the dots to employee retention

Hiring employees can be an exhilarating feeling. This means that you have come to the point where you know that you need to relinquish responsibility for business growth. It also means, generally, that you are now making enough money to be in a position to hire staff. Both of these are no small feat.

The issue that most employers face, however, is keeping employees on board. This is far beyond Human Resources which is responsible for recruitment, training, administrating, and creating company policies.

No one really teaches business owners how to retain employees. The assumption is that people will find a job, like the job, and stay on said job. Right?

Wrong. Just like you, as a business owner, have dreams and aspirations, so do your employees and potentials. it is important to connect in the hiring process to be sure that their employment and goals are aligned with your company and goals. This is more than meeting with HR and their supervisor, this should be done in phases outlined by a professional and followed accordingly.

However, if you are reading this, already have employees, and are thinking 'now what', here are a few tips for you.

According to Harvard Business Review, employees with close connections at work are more productive, creative, and collaborative. They also report being more satisfied with their job, are less susceptible to burnout, and are less likely to leave their organization to pursue another role. In other words, not only are they better contributors, but they also provide more stability to a team.

A wealth of studies reveals that by fueling our basic human psychological need for belonging, meaningful workplace connections drive many of the outcomes central to high-performing teams.

So, how do you create this flow of belonging? Well, first, let me express that is it really important that the understanding of your employees, goals, and ambitions be express in the hiring process. In addition, HBR suggests these 3 things.

  1. Use commonalities to spark peer friendships within the workplace.

  2. Highlight shared goals among peers within teams.

  3. Turn tension into connection.

Rush consulting Firm prides ourselves with assisting our clients in not only creating a sustainable hiring process but our high retention rates within their establishments.

In a time where entrepreneurship rates are climbing and the impact of the "great resignation" our goal is to be sure our clients maintain the highest levels of success within their brand, and this is including employee retention.

Click the link to schedule your consultation to solidify your employee processes so that you can scale your business without frequent employee turnover.

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