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Who ARE we?

Rush Consulting Firm is a black-owned and operated company based out of Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Rush Consulting Firm was established in 2009 when Maisha Rush Saw a gap in the Black community that needed to be filled; Business ownership.

The company is family owned and operated though they utilize other small black businesses on a contractual basis as needed for outsourcing.

The Goal for Rush Consulting firm is to educate, empower, and inspire black people to start and/grow their small businesses in efforts to rebuild the black community as a whole economically and to push to circulate the "black" dollar.

Since 2009 Rush Consulting Firm has assisted in starting dozens of small businesses and rebuilding the infrastructure of countless other established black-owned companies.

Rush Consulting Firm is also an advocate of giving back to the community by creating community action events as well as hosting seminars and workshops to motivate and lend helping hands to those who need it.

Rush Consulting Firm, though a fee-for-service company does strive to keep community growth over the dollar in mind and most times offer extremely competitive consulting as well as business building prices. We understand the economic hardships that we all go through and wish to inspire you to reach your goals.

Rush Consulting Firm, not only helps build and grow small businesses but we also promote with our for our clients that they get immediate support from the entire Rush Consulting Firm family. In addition, we promote via social media and events as well.

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