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Do we know you?

Over the past few weeks, we have had an influx of new business boomers and subscribers. Allow us to take a moment to introduce ourselves to some and reintroduce to others.

Rush Consulting firm assists small business owners and help aspiring entrepreneurs establish solid businesses structures and by giving them the tools and resources they need to maintain visibility for the purpose of profitability. We give business solutions and create strategies that can be duplicated for now and future growth. Our services are catered to and for each individual client so that we can focus on optimal personalized results. Rush Consulting Firm has helped over 200 businesses excel and hundreds more of aspiring entrepreneurs set their foundation for growth. The biggest problem we solve is Time management as it relates to strategy implementation and business structure. We understand that running a successful business can get overwhelming. Our goal is to help our clients create systems and automation that will allow them to set their business on auto pilot so that they can enjoy the hard work they put in and relish in the fruits of their labor. Rush Consulting Firm is dedicated to expanding our brand globally to be able to help nourish and flourish small businesses around the world.

Eulisa Thomas is our Product consultant. Meaning if you are a product based business, Eulisa is experienced in working with you to increase your sales and marketing, targeting the right products to the right clients, and increasing your revenue through proper content, strategy, and implementation. She is also a phenomenal business coach to help you go in depth and get in the mindset of being a successful business owner.

Thomas Rush is highly recommended by the gentlemen entrepreneurs and business owners as he offers a genuine perspective in business and is able to connect with those who need a firmer stance in business building. He is also one of the corporate consultants so building seven figure businesses comes almost natural to him. He specializes in customer care and retention.

Ariel Argroe is our esteemed non profit consultant who is passionate about helping you make your non profit profitable. She is experienced in getting your business the notoriety it needs and deserves to assist you in making a noticeable change in the world. She is well versed on the start up steps in getting your non profit off the ground as well as established non profits that seek elevation in their brand. She is best know for her compassion and drive that is infectious in progressing your brand forward.

Reggie Crews is the Research Analyst. Not only does he assist us here at the firm but also clients who just want to see what their competition's margins and profitability marks are. This is especially important to our clients because it gives them the push they need when seeking to be a step above the rest in their genre. He keeps this business running smoothly by assisting us in our day to day operations as well as our clients.

Maisha Rush is the founder of Rush Consulting Firm and is a well known coach and consultant who has been assisting clients in building a more reputable brand as well as coaching them through the process of clarity in their vision and implementation of strategies and systems that have allowed them to generate more income and free up more time all while building a successful and respected business.

So now that you know who we are, tell us a little bit about you.

If you are ready to experience true success in business building while generating revenue that allows you to grow your business and enjoy more free time then book your Fit To Prosper today and lets get you started.

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