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Don't HEAR me, LISTEN.

You have to start taking your business serious.


1. Set working hours.

2. Answer phone calls/emails.

3. Have an onboarding system.

4. Track your ap and ar.

5. Get your content together.

6. Have a plan daily.

7. Execute.

8. Stop procrastinating.

9. Keep your license/insurance up to date.

10. Take your pages off friends only/private OR

11. Create a business page

12. Get a website.

13. Have a platform to accept payments.

14. Know your target audience.

15. Know your purpose, mission, and goals.

16. Create your business pitch.

17. Stay learning.

18. Stop doing everything yourself.

19. Market over promotions.

20. Learn to attract clients instead of chasing them.

21. Keep track of your analytics.

22. Hire a team.

23. Keep your platforms consistent.

24. Act like you are your brand. (Psst. You ARE)

25. Motivate yourself.

26. Get adequate rest.

27. Know what platforms work best for you.

28. Get out of groups that don't serve or support you.

29. Take yourself serious.

30. Stay on task.

31. Don't worry about your competition BUT

32. Know what you're up against.

33. Schedule posts so you minimize social media time.

34. Reach out to bigger brands for collaborations.

35. Mind You business.

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