Focus on your focus.

There are so many reasons to get distracted in business. Being a wife and mother of 10, I know all too well. Add to that the temptation of all things social media where no matter how much we tell ourselves, "I'm only going to get on and post" only to look up 3 hours later to feel guilted into putting the phone down.

I get it, sometimes we need a mental break from keeping our heads buried in the computer making business adjustments, adding product descriptions, sending, invoices; oh how the list goes on.

I am oftentimes asked how I manage to squeeze the day into 1 day. Between cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, spending 1 on 1 time with my husband and the RushBunch, not to mention being almost 40 weeks pregnant while running a six figure business with 4 employees. You will always get the same answer from me. Schedules.

I really don't know what people have about setting a schedule and sticking to it. Imagine how much you would get done in your business and how much time you would free up by sticking to a schedule. How do you think the company you once worked for kept consistency?

Perhaps we need to look at this from another angle.

What is your brand focus? What would you do to gain and maintain clarity in this focus? How would hitting the goals you are focused on make you feel? Now do you realize you are keeping yourself from reaching the one thing you are focused on?

Well. Get to it.

I'm going to host a free session on how to properly set schedules. Would you be interested? Let me know.


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