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If you know anything about me you know I am pretty straight forward when it comes to business. It may come off as insensitive to some but for others who actually work with me and are familiar with my background you know that while I am basically cut and dry with business, I am one of the most transparent, genuine people you will ever have on your side and I absolutely LOVE gassing people up.

My name is Maisha Rush. I am the owner and lead Consultant with Rush Consulting Firm. I am also a wife and mother of 10 children so I definitely know what its like to play games. I actually goofed with my business for years before getting serious. I treated my business like a hobby and my revenue reflected such. I loved what I did so I kept telling myself that "My time is coming". Truth be told, had I kept along that path my time would NEVER have come. I coddled myself. I made excuses for my lack of effort, even told myself that I was doing everything I could. Self accountability made me realize I was not only lying to myself but I was never going to get where I knew my business could be.

This is where business strategy comes in. You have to get a full picture of exactly what it is you are trying to do, who you are trying to help, and how you are going to get there. It does not matter what your business is, you need to be clear on WHY your business is beneficial to your customer. That is your first step. You then need to structure your business like a business. Putting in time when you have time is unacceptable. Unless you just want a hobby. Then you need to configure budgets; Marketing budgets, spending budgets, etc.

There are so many pieces to a business. You cannot wake up with an idea, throw some stuff of social media, and expect to turn a substantial profit.

I cannot promise you 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes like myself but what I can promise is I will give you the exact blueprint of what you need to do to obtain it. It is up to you to get the work done.

Are you ready?

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