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How not to procrastinate.

I am Maisha Rush of Rush Consulting Firm. I am also a wife and mom of 10 (who I homeschool). Running a business takes a lot of discipline and for that reason it is extremely important to have a schedule. I am not talking about your basic "I'll run my business from 7 am to 2pm". While that is great, it leaves much room for error. But if you have a business schedule, I commend you because most entrepreneurs neglect this important part of structure. Having a schedule must start the night before with preparation (remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance 😉). Write out the things that you need to do the next day so that you are ready. Adding this to your business schedule (i.e. 7am-2pm) you have to block time for specific tasks. For example, from 7-8 I will work on email follow ups. 8:15-9 I will do my marketing posts/submittal, 9:15-10 will be my creative hour (this allows for you to take a slight "left brain" break and have a little fun). This keeps you from getting mentally exhausted and motivates you to continue with your workday. Etc. The purpose of the itemized time blocks is it holds you accountable and the fact that you know you only have a certain time frame to get things accomplished will make you buckle down and get it done.

Another important tip I would pass on to help combat procrastination is, that task that you really don't want to do, just knock it out right then. Putting it off isn't going to make you want to do it any more than you want to in the moment. Sometimes you just have to outsmart yourself.

I hope these tips help someone better their business productivity. No fun in being busy but not productive. 💛

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