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How to overcome your fear.

A lot of times you hear people, especially successful people, say that people fear failure. You may have even heard the term fear of falling. Fear is such a debilitating feeling that it can, and probably will, keep you from moving your feet towards the progression you seek.

You know what people forget about? That it is possible, and oftentimes likely, that it is not failure that you fear but success. How crazy is that? How is it possible that you can fear the very thing that you crave. The thing that you are working so hard towards. How can you fear the one thing that you need?

It's simple.

We get so used to working. We enjoy it. It makes us feel good to know that we are moving toward getting out of our current circumstance, our current situation, our current position in life. We have dreamed of that moment for so long that we can envision it without trying.

You have it posted on your vision board, saved as your screensaver, or plastered on your visor in the car. You get excited just thinking about it. Its what you work so hard for.

Do you know why you fear it? Because you cannot SEE it.

Those that fear success only know the life they are currently living. Its generations old. Best friends live this same life. Co workers live it. Hell, even your boss lives it. It's all you know because its all you see. Those that fear success have gotten lost in the dream of it. You can only imagine having that grasp on the reality that you long for.

There is something that keeps you stuck in the dream. You have to realize it or you will continue to be where you are and continue to self sabotage your efforts simply by carrying this fear.

This fear is masked by many things.

1. Procrastination

2. Creating new ideas without fully implementing old ones

3. Being unmotivated.

4. Seeking perfection

5. Downplaying your efforts/work

Oh yes, fear has many faces and these are just a few. Do not always think that you are fearing failure. Everyone knows that there are lessons in failure and you have learned them all. So why are you HERE. Why haven't you reached your next pinnacle in success? Why are you not where you said you would be? Why haven't you grown?

These are the types of things we tackle in our Coaching Subscription "Execute&Elevate". You get exclusive coaching as well as business strategy sessions and so much more including unlimited access to all of our modules to help your business AND your mind expand.

So what are you waiting for now is the time. Now is YOUR time to Execute&Elevate. Click the link because fear doesn't control you! And you are READY!

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