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Hump day blues?

Its pretty steady for me but I had to take a step back a few minutes ago and realized, I am doing too much today. So I'm set to hire more help. Sometimes you need to take an assessment of what you are doing and catch yourself before you get overwhelmed. Pay attention to the signs.

1. Feel like you aren't getting there as quick as you'd hoped. (This may lead to frustration).

2. Getting bored with the project. (This leads to quitting)

3. Just don't want to do it. (This leads to abandoning the [great] idea.

Even if you you cannot hire someone, you can contract it out through platforms like Fiverr or UpWork.

Don't find yourself overwhelmed often because it will slowly start to mess with your clarity, you may began to question your validity, and even your worthiness. Don't forget you are worthy and deserve all the things you want, the way you want them NOW. You just may need to hire someone to help get you there.

Happy Wednesday.


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