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If not NOW, when?

Had a discussion today about spending black.

Here are the issues. I don't know how many of you saw the Killer Mike GTO special on Netflix. But he said he would go, I believe it was 3 days, without spending any money anywhere unless it was black owned. He couldn't buy weed from his weed man because he got his supply from a white dude, no transportation, no groceries, etc. He eventually found a black owned restaurant but guess what, he didn't get his food from black farmers.

THIS is economics. Yeah we can get some t-shirts, a suit, a couple outfits, a logo, even a lawyer but sustainability that we desire is not readily available.

In addition, what are these black owned businesses doing besides lining their pockets, even if just making ends meet. What contributions are they making to society or their own community? Are they pouring time and resources into the schools (which is not black owned), building parks, creating jobs, building senior facilities?

What is the plan?

All of this is exactly why I created Rush Consulting Firm we need businesses that will last, think of black wall street. That's what we want. That's what we need. But when are you going to do your part so we get there?


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