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If you don't have the money, then what?

I am wondering. How much do you think it costs to start/run a business? Did you research? Oftentimes we start on a whim and end up working off the cuff of our sleeve therefore we find ourselves pouring money out every chance we get. How exhausting and its pretty irresponsible financially. You can't build a successful business model without a plan and a budget.

I get it, usually you start a business out of need not leisure. But know this, acting out of desperation will leave you broke and broken. To do something out of need is okay but never carry the spirit of desperation, you will not be thinking clearly.

When building a business you must be strategic which means you need a plan. And generally it takes money to make money so you need a budget. Both of these things can be done in 5-10 minutes.

I'm not asking you to create a 35 page business plan or an annual budget. Just write down what you need right now to get started and make it happen.

If you already started your business and are financially stuck here are a couple eBooks to get some funds to move forward without feeling desperate.


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