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Inspired or nah?

Who do you listen to who inspires you to do your best and be your greatest self?

Gary Vee? Les Brown? Grant Cardone? Oprah Winfrey? Me?

What if I told you that some of the greatest accomplishers are inspired by none other than themselves?

I speak on why being your own inspiration and motivation is important because you may find yourself measuring your success with someone else's yard stick. In doing so, you negate celebrating your own milestones and accomplishments.

Look at all that you have accomplished and the hurdles you have overcome. Look at where you are versus where you were. Isn't it amazing the things that you can do? Imagine, some of your moves where done on autopilot because you are vested in yourself and growth.

You have a vision that only you can fulfill, what does anyone know about that more than you?

Today I implore you to look at yourself as a source of encouragement and remember, no one is better than you. NO ONE.


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