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It Took a minute.

Who knew that 10 years ago a homeless family would find themselves living their dreams? Never could we imagine that we would go from sleeping in our car to owning our home, 5 cars, two businesses, and be adored my many.

I never thought I would be considered a role model. Yet here I am, never given up on myself and believing every step of the way that I am meant for greater, and I won't stop until I get there.

I know that some days will be slower than others and there will be dry spells where you will feel unnoticed, but trust me, If you keep trusting yourself, you will look back and probably cry like I do on some days.

The one thing I wish I had was someone in my corner to keep me focused and motivated. I wish I had someone to help me formulate a plan and create a plan of action so that I could reach my goals. But I didn't and because I didn't, you have me.

I am dedicated to those who are dedicated to themselves and I have established packages to help you maximize your potential while minimizing the headache and stress. Its a long journey, I know.

The journey was worth it.

Remember that as you push toward your goals. You deserve it and as you press forward you will have it. Keep going. Rest at the pit stops along the way and always, ALWAYS trust yourself.

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