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LOST: Janitor keys

When we start a business we gain the key to our freedom. It is by far one of the best, most nerve wrecking keys to have. We oftentimes freeze in fear of not knowing what to do next. Then we get the hang of sales and earn our Sales Key. We began networking and gain our Networking Key. This is followed by prosperous collaborations to which we earn our Collaboration Key. We keep going and building momentum acquiring our Determination Key. When we see a negative shift in business we can back up a little and reassess thus being rewarded our Learning Key.

You get where I am going here. I absolutely hate when people say "Consistency is key". True it is A key but there are so many other keys you need to carry with you to build a successful business model.

Consistency to what? Failing? Posting aimlessly? Staying up late and sleeping in? There are so many reasons why this key is so vague and overly promoted. There are dozens of other keys you need like a Marketing Key. A Promotions Key. A strategy Key. And my favorite, not just a Business Key but a Plan of Action Key.

It breaks my heart the amount of people who step out on faith and fail miserably because that had no Vision Key.

Sadly, the only key some entrepreneurs think about is the Money Key. But without the Purpose Key you will find yourself holding on to the Busy Key and overlooking the Productive Key.

Rush Consulting Firm knows that most businesses are born out of necessity not luxury so it is our goal to give you ALL the keys you need to build, brand, and expand your business so you can be prosperous in your business.

Keep this in mind. NEVER lose your keys. Carry them around like the school janitor.

Book your Business Consultation and come get your Keys.


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