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Never enough

Small businesses usually struggle with being seen in a world full of competitors whether big or small. There are many tips I have for getting noticed but for now let's discuss what you are giving away for free, yes, I said free. 

It is often stated or maybe implied that you should be giving something to your potential clients in order to gain attention to your brand. 

I personally have a trunk, literally my entire trunk, full of marketing paraphernalia and I never pass up an opportunity to introduce you to my trunk. (That sounds so organized crime-esk. But seriously.)

Some will argue that you should give nothing away for free and some may say that you will never gain recognition without doing so. Well, luckily I can speak from both sides of the debate.

When I first started Rush Consulting Firm I bought pins, sticker, t-shirts, keychains, you name it! I gave out so many free items and guess how many leads I produced from those freebies..... NONE. I did throw a lot of money down the drain doing this. I may as well just handed out money, that actually may have worked better. 

Stuff is great but eventually, people throw away stuff. You know what people hold on to? Knowledge. 

Knowledge is something you can give away for free, but not too much of it, just some teasers to showcase your expertise so that when they are ready for you, they already trust that you know your stuff. 

So, how much knowledge should you give away? Ultimately that's a question only you can answer. I will say, however, you want to practice a pitch that is short yet full of useful information but not too much where they feel like they don't need to pay you for something they can get free. 


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