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Smarter than that.

As a consultant, I walk into a lot of rooms, physically and metaphorically, where I am inundated with questions of how to better a business. From strategies to financial maneuvers. I am grateful that I am able to assist so many people and that I am trusted in the entrepreneur community to be able to assist.

I am.constantly ready how to books, my favorite genre, so much so that it pretty much the only type of book I will pick up. I try to stay up to date on business statistics and everything that supports it. I absolutely love what I do. I even pick up classes here and there to keep my knowledge accurate and fresh.

You know what I try my best to do though? And this is no dig at anyone by far because I am no business genius, YET. I like to get in rooms where I am not the smartest one there. And when I say that, I don't mean general knowledge or even educational knowledge. I mean in my field. I like to walk into a room and get excited to see people whom I can ask questions about business as well. See, I am always trying to learn. When I gain more knowledge its beneficial to those around me who come to me for knowledge. We have to stop being comfortable being the go to person without having the humility and wherewithal to seek more knowledge. As smart as you are in your field, you have to seek to be smarter. That's how you dominate.

Why is it important to dominate? Because you don't want to get lost in the business flow. Someone is always hungry for more but you have to be hungrier. And EAT! Eat until you are full. Regurgitate it to those that are ready and go back for more. 87% of small business markets are oversaturated so what are you going to do to stay relevant?

Surely you don't think that because you are on top now that you will stay there so thought getting more knowledge.

You gotta be smarter than that.


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