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Structure your success

As a pregnant mother of 10, you can imagine how often I am called "supermom". Let me be the first to tell you that I am no more super or extraordinary than you! This takes work and pure dedication. I have my meltdown moments and my "what was I thinking days" but that's what makes me, ME. Despite what people think, I do not push for my children. They are not my "why". A long time ago I realized that if I am not pushing for myself then this will all fall apart, right along with me. One of my coaches once told me to "feel my feels". We gotta stop trying to be so strong for everyone else if we can't be strong for ourselves. I love my babies and will walk the ends of the earth for them, each. But what we must start doing is taking care of ourselves so we can take care of the ones we love too. Sure, I have a successful business. Sure, I homeschool everyday. But none of this would mean anything if I didn't have structure. I am the foundation of that structure. That is why my business is flourishing. That is why I am able to live the life I want, and travel, and shop (oh I love to shop 😍). Things seem to get complicated because your structure isn't solid. Let me help you. Not just from a business standpoint but from a wife and mother's standpoint. Let me be your #RichBusinessBestie

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