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That’s a GREAT idea… NOW What?!?!

This questionnaire is for those looking to start a business based on an idea or just the passion to become an entrepreneur or small business owner. These are what we call business basics even BEFORE a business plan is created.

1. Will you have a service-based or a product-based business?

2. Do you need an EIN? Where do you get one?

3. How will you structure your business entity?

4. What supplies do you need?

5. Do you need to trademark or copyright?

6. Do you need a website?

7. What are your business goals?

8. What are your personal goals?

9. What should your support system look like?

10. What is your timeline to start?

These are very basic questions that actually need some time to analyze and structure. It is very important to understand what your business should look like before jumping into the logistics of it. Some of these questions require imagination, some require research. Either way, we implore you to take the time necessary to get this written on paper. For further understanding and for your convenience we have a video available for download to assist you with this form. It will explain the different entities of business, the difference between trademarks and copyrights, and why it may be needed, supply necessity, and goal setting.

For further assistance, please book your Start-Up Consultation

As always, Rush Consulting Firm is here to help you Mind Your Business to a million-dollar brand.

-You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know how to get there. -Rush

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