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The truth about charging your worth.

There is this whole conversation about black businesses charging too much with an emphasis on charging their worth. This has always been a topic of debate. As a business consultant, I understand all too well the struggles of proper pricing as my clients deal with this. It's easily one of the top 5 issues I hear about. As a consumer I also know how frustrating it can be to go and purchase something and pay well over market value.

People struggle with charging their worth but not being too overpriced yet pricing in order to stay afloat in business.

Let me first clarify and assure, this is not just a black business issue. This is something that every entrepreneur and business owner faces.

Let me say this,

Its impossible to charge your worth that is why it is imperative to do your market research so you can be sure you have a competitive edge among your opponents. In addition, some [ black] people DO overcharge BUT it is mostly in part to not having access to the capital needed to buy in bulk like big companies do. If we continue to support these black owned companies we can help them gain the revenue needed to reduce their pricing. So while they seem overpriced most, even at that price point, are barely making enough profit. (Remember profit and revenue are two totally different factors).

In case you don't know, we have a phenomenal research analyst on our team who is more than ready to help you not only provide your perfect price point but also understand the competitive market you are in. In addition, he is there to walk you through creating a marketing plan that will help you catapult your business so that you can position yourself to be the best in your field.

Book your spot TODAY!

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