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The worm.

We've all heard the saying, The early bird catches the worm, I have never quite been a fan of this statement as it relates to getting up early and getting the day started. I usually like to sleep in until about seven so that's quite a few hours that some other business minded person is stealing all of the things that I could be taking advantage of.

I , like many others, had to learn the hard way. But I learned. That is the one thing that will keep you ahead of the entrepreneur game, being open to learning. I cannot tell you how many times I have had a client that has booked services, paid for services, sat through paid services and still was not successful.

There are many keys to success, you'll hear me say this often. One of them is the ability to learn. You have to be willing to learn. Sure, you may know a lot about your field but do you know everything? Chances are you probably don't. And even if you do, there will be ways to apply your knowledge from a perspective unbeknownst to you. You have to be willing to put down your "know it all" persona and listen. Not only that, be ready to apply what you are being told.

Sure, getting up early definitely has its benefits but it means nothing if you have no knowledge of what to do in those early morning hours.

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