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Top Three Tips for Home Businesses

For some people starting out in business they just do not have the luxury of going out and getting a commercial space. This should not be a deterrent to you opening your business. In fact, depending on your mindset this can be a positive thing because you have less overhead cost.

Lot’s of successful businesses have started out of homes. Anyone ever heard of a company called Apple. They started in a garage and I heard they are pretty successful now. While all businesses are not going to have that fairy tale ending they can certainly be off to a good start if you observe what I consider top three tips for starting a home business by Paul and Sarah Edwards as cited by Rieva Lesosky.

1. Your online presence is everything all the way down to the website. Especially the website. No one cares about what Amazon’s store front looks like but they do care about the website's ease and functionality. Make sure your website provides this for consumers.

2. Have a separate phone line for your business. No one will take you seriously if they call and you hear children or loud music in the background. Unless you run a childcare center or a nightclub or both. When this phone rings you will know that it is business and you can adjust your surroundings accordingly.

Not to mention it helps to build boundaries between you and your clients. You

don’t want your clients calling you at 3:00 in the morning trying to schedule an appointment for two weeks from now.

3. Make sure all your correspondences are professional. You should have a standard greeting on your voicemail and when someone calls. You should also ensure you have stationary that is professional as well. Oftentimes this is one of the first times that people engage with you in a professional manner and you don’t want to waste this opportunity.

These are only a few of the tips please note that not all industries and states allow you to conduct business out of your home. As a result you are going to want to consult with someone before you invest hundreds of dollars in a business that you may not legally be able to run out of your home. As a consultant I am always here to assist in determining not only the best business structure for you but how to be successful in whatever business you decide to embark on. If you are curious as to how I can work for you check me out on instagram @eulisasays on Facebook as Eulisa Thomas or book a consultation now.

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