Faith in YOU

There was a question posed in a group and I thought I would provoke thought by sharing along with my response.

"Are there any full time business owners in this group? If so how much money did you have saved up before quitting your job just trying to come up with the right amount of money to ha e saved before quitting my job aka working for the man 😩😩😩😩😩😒🤦🏾‍♀️😂"

My response

"I quit with one check coming. Dassit. Not fully recommended unless you have drive and audacity and ready to work. I'm a business consultant so I teach 6 months of savings PLUS already have a clientele (or potential) roster. In addition gather up all the knowledge and contacts necessary to grow your business."

This a question is a great way to help you consider your next move, if you have a 9-5.

Being prepared is an amazing way to step out on the right foot but sometimes you can't. That's why I especially love this response.

"Didn’t have any money saved just jumped out on faith 🙃 took the chance and risk so far so good 🙏🏾..... everytime I get scared and think to go back To work for someone else’s company ..... things work out for me so I’m learning this might be the nest decision I have made."

The most important thing to do in business, no matter what avenue you choose or how you choose to do it, is to trust yourself.

So what's YOUR plan?



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