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Don't know WHAT to do?

No problem. We have compiled a list of over 65 small businesses you can start for less than $500!

Rush Consulting Firm has been building and expanding small businesses nationwide since 2009. Our client spectrum is both broad and unique. My experience has taught me that while there are numerous reasons people aspire to become business owners, the one commonality is financial independence. This is an attribute worth commending!

Rush Consulting Firm is here to assist you every step of the way. We are here to help you identify which business ventures you are best suited for, because, like me, you may have many varied interests. We help bring seemingly fractured ideas together to solidify a foundation on which to build your unique brand.

The thing is, we know it gets tricky and there may be hangups and setbacks when going at it alone so Rush Consulting Firm will be there for you as you build. However, if you decide that it is just too much then we have no problem stepping in and doing the task for you. And the business is yours, no co-ownership, no stock holding or strings attached. The business is 100% yours!

Rush Consulting Firm prides itself on the affordability of the business. I mean, let's face it, most people who want to start a business NEED to start a business and the reason behind that is finances or lack thereof. So what kind of company would we be if we overcharged you for something you have been contemplating whether or not you could afford to do anyway, right.

We catch a lot of heat for our prices being low because it is the belief that you get what you pay for and while this is generally true for trinkets and common whatnots, We believe that people go with who they can trust.

Rush Consulting Firm makes it our business to be honest and upfront from the very first contact in addition to building a transparent relationship with our clients. Truth be told, we would do it for free if we could, but we have to pay bills too!

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