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Well that didn't turn out like I expected.

Today you may have struggled through marketing or avoided it all together. You probably checked your email a dozen times, your bank account too. You scrolled through social media marking the love or laughing emoji and maybe commented "lol". You woke up so determined today to see some sort of dent in your business. No likes or comments. You released a sigh or two accepting that today just isn't your day for sales. You tell yourself that it's okay. Your time is coming. Right? You click we out the day wondering what else do you need to do? Why does everyone seem to be making money even during this pandemic, but you. What are you doing wrong? Is it YOU? Then you check other businesses like yours, they seem to be prospering. What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on, you haven't gotten your head in the game and your business reflects that. You don't have a plan but more importantly you do not have a plan of action. Sure you have a to do list and you may even knock a few things off of it but that's probably moreso for working ON your business and that's why you aren't making money IN your business. People spend countless hours knocking off 2 or 4 things on their to do list and never fully feeling accomplished. That's because as you knock things off your list, you are putting things on your list and that makes getting everything done impossible. Also, you spend too much time working your to do list and reflecting your business success on that. You're killing yourself for no reason. It's unnecessary.

We at Rush Consulting Firm help you create strategies and implement time management system and automations that will free up most of your day while increasing your business revenue.


Book your Fit To Prosper today and find out. It's the wisest $25 you'll spend to date.

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