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When shift happens.

Look. There aren't many things I get impressed by especially if its something I have done. But today I decided to make an executive decision for my business and I must say, I am impressed.

There are a couple reasons why I am impressed. One is, this has been a long time coming. There are things in business that we hold on to because it is near and dear to us. Almost like a pet project that we love to watch flourish. It takes a lot if time and effort. Time and effort that we could be putting into something more substantial that will grow our business and take us to higher heights. For me this has been my non profit sector. This business model is very near and dear to me because there is something admirable about people wanting to start a business based solely on helping others. For that reason I have always been the one to take on the task, willingly, to guide, direct, and educate those looking to grow this type of business. I love it. The problem was, I spent a lot of time with non profits when I should have been building other portions of my business. I allowed my emotions to drive my ambitions and I lost focus.

There is nothing wrong with having some emotion in your business like empathy, compassion, respect. And by all means, love what you do. But you cannot let your love for one section of your business distract you from the growing the rest of your business.

With that being said, we are no longer doing non profit consultations or coaching. Instead, I have placed all of the knowledge resources and experience with running a non profit into an eBook. I even sweetened the deal by making it MORE affordable than the consultation! Now that's love!

This has freed up a lot if time for me to focus on other sections of Rush Consulting Firm and its still a win for my clients and potential clients to come.

Moral of the story is, don't be afraid when shift happens.

If you're looking for help with a struggling non profit click the link.



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