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Where are you going?

The future of your business is based on its foundation. In the iRush to success group this week I spoke about mission statements and how they are used to describe your business at it’s present moment. Vision Statements focus on the future of your for profit/nonprofit. Vision statements are intended to guide internal decision making. In order to help, remember the three “S” short, simple, specific. Let’s look at some examples.

Disney “ to make people happy”

Instagram “capture and share the worlds moments”

Ask yourself these questions before formulating your vision statement.

  1. What impact do I want my brand to have?

  2. In what way will my brand interact

  3. What is the culture of your business and how it effects your employees or board member.

You want your vision statement to inspire and give direction to your employees/board members. Make sure it’s displayed appropriately and how to implement it. Where are you going? Access the long term goal of the company and zoom out to find your vision. Everyone likes to see the road up ahead.

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