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Why do you think they made it?

Every big brand has had their run of crickets. We all know this, but what was their big break? Why them? HOW them.

One thing you hear is consistency is key, and while this is true its only ONE key. Big brands didn't get that way by happenstance.

Building a brand is not for the quitters or people who are looking for quick or fast money with little work or effort. You have to learn to align yourself with your future. Making the right connections.

You have to have audacity. Make the moves that people in your position wouldn't dare to. You can't be afraid of the word no.

I implore you to keep track of them. Make a note of why that no was given and learn to take the criticism to grow your business. Accept the rebuttals and learn to see them coming. Stay ready.

Your business, like everything else successful in your life takes dedication and work. If you aren't willing to do that then walk away now.

Today I want you to ask yourself,

Who deserves this more than you.

If your answer is nobody, then you should be booking your consultation today.

If you can actually name someone other than yourself, refer them for a consultation. 😉

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