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You are the Solution

Did you know there is a problem in the world that could be solved if only you lived in your purpose and created that business you were thinking about?

That is exactly what the founder of U-Haul did and now according to U-Haul the “annual mileage of North American U-Haul trucks, trailers and tow dollies would move a family to the moon and back more than 9.9 times per day, every day of the year (, 2020).”

The company’s founders created the business out of necessity. When L.S. “Sam” Shoen and his wife Anna Mary Carty Shoen had to move after being discharged from the Navy there was no company that they could call that would allow them to move their possessions cross country. They recognized they were not alone and that many other people found themselves in this situation more often than not. Together and with $5,000 they founded  U-Haul. Indeed Sam and Anna had great business acumen and they were both visionaries but that is only part of the reason the company had such success. They decided to take on this venture during post World War II when starting a business was a high risk game and they won big!

Now much like then there are many problems that are looking for a solution and you and your business ideas could be that solution. What is stopping you from creating that business? What is getting in the way of you being the solution? Is it worth possibly missing out on the next million dollar idea? 

If you have questions or aren’t sure where to start let me help. Book a consultation now at

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