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You're cheating yourself.

How much money are you leaving on the table?

1. Stop telling people to inbox you for pricing. You come off shady and unstable. Be upfront with your pricing. Everybody pays the same thing. If so, why are we in boxing.

2. Get a website or a way to invoice. It helps with tracking as well as it's a more professional look.

3. Put your prices on your website. People leave the site because they will feel pressured to buy if they have to reach out to you for pricing. *a pressured customer is not a repeat customer.

4. Stick to one thing. Repeat customers don't do business with hustlers. Find your niche and go hard.

5. Follow up with your customers. Show some customer care, this is where repeat business comes from.

6. If someone requests services and you are tagged, follow up with the person not just thank the person who tagged you. Don't just leave a link. It makes people think, do they want the business or not. #next

7. Be honest about your skills. If you can do it, say that. If you can't, say that.

8. Keep your customers in the know when it comes to their order. How long will it take, if there are any delays, etc.

9. Put correspondence in your packages. How will they know to order from you again if they do not have contact or business information.

10. Brush up on your sales techniques. Too many times people say, 'I'm not a sales person'. And that's exactly why you're not making sales.

The most important factor here is repeat customers. THAT will grow your business AND your revenue.

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