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You're not stuck, your waiting.

Today as I took time to listen I realized most of you are not "stuck".

Side Bar-

I would just like to say how over used that word is in the coaching and consulting world. My success tribe offered the word "stagnate" instead. But for the purposes of literary flow I'm going to use 'stuck'.

I deal with many clients and potential clients and you hear me speak often about fear. I do not believe people fear failure but success. Its new to them and because they do not know what that looks like, that creates a sense of fear. They misplace it thinking its the fear of failure but it's not. We fail at something every day and nothing bad happens. That is where my belief comes from.

Likewise, as I mentioned earlier, people aren't stuck in their decision making for business, or life even. When people think they are stuck they are really just waiting.

Waiting for what, you ask. Well only they know. Being stuck implies there is a decision that needs to be made. Whether it is in writing, marketing, or collaboration, what makes you FEEL stuck is you don't know the answer so you are waiting for the right one.

Most people do not realize that you run a business with your entire being. When it doesn't feel 'right' or 'sure' you remain where you are until it does. So you're not stuck, you're waiting.

So the next time you think you feel stuck, ask yourself instead, "What am I waiting on". That should bring you more clarity than looking for solutions to a problem that doesn't exist.


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