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You're so scary. A pep talk.

Today I wanted to back out of something that I committed to months ago but I wouldn't allow myself to unless I gave myself the reason why I wanted to back out. McRush asked who said I needed a reason and why. I told him I said I needed a reason because I find myself doing this often and that I need to stop. The truth of the matter is sometimes I am afraid to jump because I too am afraid to fail just like some of my clients. So now instead of just backing out of something I need to be sure it is a legitimate reason why and plan accordingly. But just as important, I learned also, that sometimes the commitment may not fit my purpose. I need to learn to evaluate and think before agreeing to do something that does not fit with my brand. Affirmation Everything ain't for everyone and everyone ain't for you. ("Bad" grammar intended) Day7 iRush

This is a post populated as a memory on FB that I wanted to share in hopes that it encourages you like it did me.

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