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Your lack of clients is YOUR fault.

1. How much are you posting? You should be posting a minimum of 3 times a day to stay relevant with the algorithms of social media (on each platform. Set up something like hootsuite.

2. Are you following up? Most of the time when people like something you post they or someone they know are interested in what you offer.  Engage them. In addition, stay in contact with your clients to be sure they need you, you are there.

3. Are you being consistent? In addition to #1, your discussions should stay in alignment with your brand. 90% of your content should be about your business. The other 10% should still be consistent with your bbrand

4. Are you networking? Outside of posting on social media you should be going to events and handing out your business card. Reaching out to like minded people and creating a business circle where referrals can be given.

5. Who are you? Have you established a client avatar to better reach your target audience? If not you are just shooting at the wind. Know who wants/needs what you offer. Being an entrepreneur is not always about hard sales, the aforementioned tips should have people coming to you, might be other way around.

6. Check your attitude in the mirror. No one like to feel belittled, degraded, or unappreciated. The bottom line is you need customers to build your business. You need their sales, their reviews, their word of mouth advertisement. You business will be built by repeat customers, be sure you are treating them right.

7. Are you growing? Always keep an eye out for ways to be innovative. The same tactics get boring. Not only to you but also to you potential and current clients. Switch it up a little. So many people say the same thing for the same products. What makes you any different?

8. Wear a smile. Even.on the phone you are able to tell if the person on the other end is smiling. You cannot be enthusiastic about what you are doing without smiling (go ahead, try it.) You want your energy matched. If you're excited about what you are selling they will be excited about what they are buying. What's best, it will keep them coming back to you.

9. Stay prepared. There is a saying, "Stay ready and you will never have to get ready. Being unprepared will make sales slip.through your fingertips. Practice your elevator speech, know your product. Practice on yourself. Knowing your avatar will allow you to predict the questions that will come your way. Write them down, take some time a couple days out the week to go over them.  This will keep you ready and lead to a close of sell Every time.

10. Add. Always upsell. Some people are not comfortable pushing additional products but  thats usually because they had a hard time getting the client to buy ONE thing. This should not be so if you follow the aforementioned steps. Knowing your client avatar, customer service with a smile, and being quick on your feet to respond to their questions will make it so much easier to upsell every time.

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